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Hugh Smalley

System Engineer based in South Florida đŸ‡ē🇸 🏴ķ ĩķ ŗķ Ļķ Ŧķ ŋ

Email / Website / LinkedIn / Github

👨‍đŸ’ģ Engineering Experience

Sr System Engineer @ LexisNexis Risk Solutions (2018 - Present)
HPCC Operations

  • Operating systems and automation expert
  • Writing code, documentation, and tools to deploy super computing clusters exceeding 10,000 nodes
  • Technologies used: RHEL, CentOS, Rocky, Python, Ansible, AWX, TestInfra, Kubernetes, MySQL, Redis, Stackstorm, Grafana, Prometheus, Azure, Terraform, Vault, AWS, HPCC Systems

Director of Information Technology @ Conrad & Scherer (2016-2018)
Legal Firm specialized in complex trials

  • Automated & Implemented IT processes such as:
  • Inventory & access control
  • Machine learning cluster management
  • Monitoring & data security
  • Ticketing & auditing
  • Network operations & systems automation
  • Technologies used: CentOS, Windows, Python, Ansible, OpenNMS, SnipeIT, Redis, Azure, Dell/EMC SANs, GlusterFS, Samba, WinRM, Powershell, OVirt, Openshift

Consultant & Engineer @ Technical Cabbages INC (2014-2017)

  • Specialized in B2B optimizations and process automation
  • Migration of legacy systems to Linux & FOSS based solutions
  • Data backup and ransomeware mitigation
  • Operating system deployments and system automations

System Engineer @ US Epperson Underwriting (2006-2015)
Information Technology Department

  • Operating system deployment and automation expert
  • Network operation
  • Storage management
  • Tool creation based on powershell and c#

đŸ’Ŧ Languages

đŸ‡ē🇸 English: Native
🟩 Esperanto: Conversational-ish
🇨đŸ‡ē Spanish: Beginner

đŸĻ€ Rust: Beginner
🐍 Python: Intermediate
🐚 Shell: Expert
⚡ PowerShell: Expert
🇾 YAML: Expert
🇲 Markdown: Expert

🕹ī¸ Hobbies

🎲 Table Top Games
🎮 Video Games
🤖 Microcontrollers
💾 Programing
🎙ī¸ HAM Radio
👨‍đŸŗ Cooking

📌 Volunteering

Lexis Nexis Cares - (2019-Present)
Boy Scouts of America - (1999-2003)
Special Olympics - (2000-2003)

🏆 Accomplishments

Google Knol - (2009) Awarded for best article on Unified Windows Image Deployment
Technology Student of the Year - (2003)

👨‍🎓 Education

A+, Network+, Security+, Linux+
CompTIA (exp 2013)

Microsoft (exp 2010)

Cisco Systems (exp 2006)

IPv6 Certified
Hurricane Electric (no exp)

Miami Dade College - Information Systems
Wolfson Campus, Miami Florida, (2003)

High School in Information Technology
Miami Central Sr High AOIT, Miami Florida, (1999-2003)